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Feb 19, 2019

There are lots of big belly laughs when Queen ShanShan has TWO new guest co-hosts, Sean Dwyer and Elizabeth Cullen from Poke Prod, a film production company. They are writers and producers of the up and coming new film to be released on Netflix on March 8th worldwide called WALK. RIDE. RODEO. A inspired true story. We dish about this compelling story of a nationally ranked American rodeo barrel racer who was paralyzed from the waist down, Amberley Snyder. The biopic tells how she overcame a devastating car accident by jumping back on the horse. It’s a story of beating the odds, forgiveness, persistence, and a strong bond between a mother and daughter. Sean and Elizabeth’s relationship as they put it, are Will and Grace squared. We discuss how both of them started in the competitive and challenging career in the film and television industry. Queen ShanShan dives into their humble beginnings in the television industry, the pros and cons of the television industry and upcoming projects. Acknowledging Black History Month. Spring 2019 travel plans, The Madonna Minute, and Edward shares this 'Day in History' moment. If your wigs are crooked after this episode, it’s understandable.

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