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May 28, 2019

It's a Mutiny! Call security! Vicente M. Luna took over my show. Vicente’s humor has been compared to legendary stand-up comedian and actor Robin Williams. In this hysterical episode Queen ShanShan and Vicente kiki together over their friendship, travel, politics and just straight up funny stuff. Vicente is a jack of all trades from being a chef, a comedian, film producer and director, actor, writer, production coordinator, camp counselor and part time icon in the making. New segment: Why Florida, Why? Sit back and be ready to giggle and snort with Vicente and A Broad.

To watch Vicente M. Luna’s film KIDDO go to Vimeo, click this link below to rent or buy the film.  


Host, Creator and co-produced by Shannon Langhorne

Co-Produced and edited by Devin Carbaugh

Artwork by Theron Langhorne

Music Intro and Outro Joe Smith


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