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Mar 19, 2019

Broads! Welcome back and thank you for listening and subscribing to A Broad Cast Podcast! Our audience is growing everyday, so thank you for your supportSeason 2 kicks off with a meditation moment, delicious for your mind, body and soul. Queen ShanShan spills the MENTAL/EMOTIONAL tea with Dr. Judi Bloom. Dr. Bloom graduated from Cornell University by age 19 and went directly to becoming part of the news team at Metromedia, which is now the infamous Fox News Network. Queen ShanShan discusses how Dr. Bloom started as a news reporter and then a TV news anchor for Fox News and ABC owned stations and made a hard left turn in life and to earn her doctorate degree in Clinical Psychology. She is a well sought after therapist in Santa Monica, CA.  Queen ShanShan met her on her travels to Ireland, Scotland and Iceland in 2017 and started a friendship. They speak about the stigma behind mental/emotional illness in America and why it is still so hard to talk about it. The show premieres a new segment called Obscure Places. More TRAVEL, FOOD, BEAUTY AND CULTURE will be brought to you in Season 2, hunteeeee!

Broads, are you ready? Sip your tea, gulp your coffee, or mix your Gin and Tonic, and sit back and relax with.......

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