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Feb 26, 2019

Ok Broads, get a cup off coffee, grab a big glass of wine or your favorite cigar because this episode is one of a kind. HBICs- Head Bitches in Charge - Queen ShanShan experiences all kinds of emotions in this compelling episode with her BFF, her best friend for life, Heather ‘Damn’ Dawn Dody. She is a CEO of Ingenium, an entrepreneur, a leader in the hazardous waste management industry, a loving wife and wonderful mother. How does she do it all and keep a mild head on her shoulders? A women in a male dominated industry, has Heather experienced discrimination or condescending attitudes while she leads a successful company?

The Glass Ceiling is cracked from here on out. Laughter ensues immediately as they take a trip down memory lane on how they met and where they started in their humble beginnings. Queen ShanShan tells of an experience she had recently with a woman named Narda and how emotionally attached you can become with your best friends. It’s a raw podcast that will keep you engaged and wanting more. You will laugh, you will cry, you will think in this episode. We have our popular ‘The Madonna Minute’ segment and the controversial news about Jussie Smollet and the events that lead up to the story that has SHOOK the country to its core. Additionally, Edward mentions Hollywood’s Black History moments. It’s A Broad Cast Podcast!


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