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Jan 29, 2019

Queen ShanShan sips controversial “tea” in Episode 8. Today she explores a hot and controversial topic that is on everyone’s mind with a private Catholic high school teacher named Danny. Danny and Queen ShanShan discuss the viral video that showed Covington High School Students from Kentucky who were on a field trip to Washington D.C. taunting an elderly American Native Indian, Nathan Philips. Nick Sandmann, the Catholic high school student from Covington High School, who was mostly featured as the teen wearing the infamous MAGA hat stood his ground while smirking at Mr. Philips. Most will say he was just standing there smirking and meant no harm, but most will also argue it was a disrespectful way of expressing his Freedom of Expression. What’s your opinion about the “Smirk heard around the world?” Was it disrespectful to confront the elderly man who was simply banging his ancestral drums in protest? We also discuss how ‘SHOOK’ we were when we saw ICONIC supermodel and veteran to the fashion world Naomi Campbell at New York Fashion Week. The audience clutched their pearls when Ms. Campbell returned to the home she made famous. This is a juicy episode, so get your cocktails ready and be ready to engage.

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