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May 20, 2019

Robert Fielder joins the A Broad Cast Podcast as honored guest co-host with Queen ShanShan. Robert shares his intimate story from his humble means in a rural town in Texas and talks about his childhood background that shocked Queen ShanShan. After being a cheerleader in high school to a football player in college, Robert moved to Los Angeles to pursue a film career, but had a change of heart when he moved to the town of ‘broken dreams.’ Currently, Robert is a sought after LA Real Estate professional and he shares some valuable tips for first time homebuyers. This episode has some “HOT Real Estate TEA” for your sipping pleasure. Robert is also participating in this year’s AIDS/HIV Bike Ride. A 545 mile bike ride from San Francisco to Los Angeles, June 2-8 2019. So please reach out and donate to this amazing charity. More tea! Queen ShanShan meets make up guru and the beauty industry’s hottest social influencer/entrepreneur Jeffree Star and his best friend MUA LipstickNik for the Behind the Brush event in Dallas, Texas. She spills the tea to what happened when she met her favorite makeup mogul, Jeffree Star. All this and more with A Broad.

For real estate inquires in California contact Robert Fielder at or

To contribute and help Robert with his goal for the AIDS/HIV

If you find yourself traveling to Dallas, Texas I highly recommend the Nylo Hotel by Hilton. They had the best service and great rooms. This hotel was really nice and on trend. Ask for Emily or Elias and tell them Queen ShanShan sent ya, hunteeee!


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