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Hosted by Queen Shan Shan

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Jul 3, 2024

Kirk Green, CEO and Founder of Decor Revamp returns to the show with Queen ShanShan to discuss steps on overcoming fear, re-invention, self-awareness and a new way of looking at life from his POV. QueenShanShan discusses her recent trip to Berlin, Prague and Vienna and they also discuss some hot GOSS. Sit back and...

May 2, 2024

A Broad Cast Podcast was honored to have Sharon Williams Co-Founder and Co-Owner of Nappily Naturals in Los Angeles. This unique Apothecary is now a fixture in Los Angeles and has gained popularity in the black community, political community and celebrity status. The discussion entailed the beginning of a family owned...

May 2, 2024

Guests Todd Garner and Joselyn Harmon from FAM.WE.ARE are music producers and art house collaborators that brings the world of house music together. House music is a collective of many genres for decades and their plan is to help emerging artists get their full recognition in this live art music collective. They are...

Feb 7, 2024

EXCLUSIVE interview with rapper, musician, writer and producer Natia. Season 5 of A Broad Cast Podcast hits the Broads with a gut punch discussion with Natia Maluia, straight from the hard streets of inner city Los Angeles. Queen ShanShan and Natia who are cousins talk about Natia’s fall and rise in the music...