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Mar 5, 2019

“When we aim at nothing, we hit it with amazing accuracy.”

A poignant ,‘A-HA’ moment quoted by Adam Bar from RAISE THE BAR-Financial Group, partnered with his beautiful wife and CEO of RTB Capital, Amanda Bar. In our 13th Episode and season finale podcast Queen ShanShan chats with Beverly Hills’ hottest entrepreneurial couple.  Adam was a humble immigrant from Israel. He was abused and bullied as a young boy and he shares his heartwarming story of adversity, strife and his ascension to America and becoming an US citizen. From hard beginnings when he was kid, to being an award winning body-building athlete Mr. Israel and Mr. Iron Gladiator, Adam shares valued insights for acquiring financial intelligence and making sure we PAY OURSELVES FIRST.  Amanda Bar is his partner in life, devoted wife and partner in their enterprises and steers in and talks about their 2nd new venture RTB Capital and SPOTLIGHTS new and upcoming businesses who needs a jolt of assistance in making their companies great! She also shares her personal journey and her fight as a Type 1 Diabetic and living the ‘sweet life’ with her best friend, Sug her diabetic alert dog. The Madonna Minute and a recap of the 91st Academy Awards  takes Edward to the edge.  Edward mentions Black History moments.

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Co-Produced and Edited by Devin "Edward" Carbaugh

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