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Hosted by Queen Shan Shan

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Jan 29, 2019

Queen ShanShan sips controversial “tea” in Episode 8. Today she explores a hot and controversial topic that is on everyone’s mind with a private Catholic high school teacher named Danny. Danny and Queen ShanShan discuss the viral video that showed Covington High School Students from Kentucky who were on a...

Jan 23, 2019

In this week’s episode Queen ShanShan was graced with a new BROAD and guest co-host Nicole Dunn from Dunn Pellier Media. Nicole is a former SENIOR LEVEL TELEVISION PRODUCER who started her own PR firm in Los Angeles that centers on Health and Wellness. After seeing a lack in positive coverage in the media marketplace...

Jan 16, 2019

CHEERS and Wigs off to 2018 as we fly into a new year with Queen ShanShan and guest co-host Edward Carr. Reunited after a long reprieve they discuss their holiday travels, current events and the realization of new things to come in 2019. Queen ShanShan snaps about all the traveling she has conquered in 2018 and explains...

Jan 8, 2019

In our fifth episode Queen ShanShan was honored to chat with Robin “R.D.” Kardon and spills the tea about her new exciting novel FLYGIRL.” Queen ShanShan personally knows Robin from traveling to Australia and Costa Rica together and they share some fun experiences in their recent travels. Now that R.D. has this...