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Hosted by Queen Shan Shan

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Apr 30, 2019

“We are not just what’s new in swimwear…it’s what’s next.”

This is the new tagline for Andrea Bernholtz’s new swimwear line, Swiminista. In this 1 and 2 part series, Andrea shares her entrepreneurial story about her long line of history of being fashion’s trailblazer. She was the former co-founder and...

Apr 23, 2019

It’s Queen ShanShan’s birthday episode! Edward, the OG guest co-host of the podcast’s premiere is back and in full effect and they reminisce on current gossip. The 'REAL TEA' is boiling hot including Madonna’s new song "Medellin" and album release date-MADAME X, the Wendy Williams drama, Celebs crashing into the...

Apr 16, 2019

Millenials, are you awake? Single people, Married People, Divorced People! When you die and you’re buried and the worms are eating your body in your grave, did you do your utmost to protect you and your family’s financial legacy? Queen ShanShan invites attorney and dear friend Michelle Castillo who practices Law in...

Apr 10, 2019


Prepare to poop glitter after attending a music festival for three days.  Music festivals are over the top, so who better to talk about music festivals is with Ric Klinger and model, actress and social influencer Haley Gauthier. Queen ShanShan snaps with Haley about being a social influencer and what it takes to...

Apr 2, 2019

Are you ready for this? Queen ShanShan gets REAL deep and sips “Transparency Tea” with guest co-host Kendra Waldman. Kendra is a producer, writer, actress and now aspiring author. They have an eye opening and ear thirsty discussion about her story “My Playdates with Suzie.” Discover who Suzie is and the stigma...