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Hosted by Queen Shan Shan

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Sep 24, 2019

What is your passion and what compels you to pursue it? Artist, musician, inventor and entrepreneur Buzz Siler allows A Broad Cast Podcast host Queen ShanShan in his home for an intimate conversation. Sit back and listen to Buzz’s inspiring story of grit, tenacity and pure creativity as he shares his stories of...

Sep 3, 2019

Host Queen ShanShan features world renowned choreographer Jamal Sims who has worked with Michael Jackson, Prince, Madonna, Jennifer Lopez, Ru Paul's Drag Race, So You Think You Can Dance. Jamal was also the lead choreographer on Disney’s Aladdin and villain Dr. Facilier in Disney’s trilogy Descendants 3 and so many...

Jul 16, 2019

It's our 30th Episode!! Queen ShanShan sits with Wadooah Wali, Director of Public Communications at Warner Media (HBO,TNT,TBS, TrueTV) and a leader in the LGBTQ+ community. As a queer woman, Wadooah shares her heartfelt story of growing up in Gainesville, Florida in a strict Black Muslim family bullied, a band nerd in...

Feb 19, 2019

There are lots of big belly laughs when Queen ShanShan has TWO new guest co-hosts, Sean Dwyer and Elizabeth Cullen from Poke Prod, a film production company. They are writers and producers of the up and coming new film to be released on Netflix on March 8th worldwide called WALK. RIDE. RODEO. A inspired true story....

Feb 5, 2019

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It’s award season and Queen ShanShan and her good friend Ric Klinger who is a business executive spills the hot “CHAMOMILLE” on the two biggest award shows of the season in the entertainment industry. The Grammys...